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Compile from scratch Buildroot 2022.02.9 for Roadrunner

Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation

This article illustrates how to generate a ready-to-use microSD image from scratch using the Buildroot scripts and utilities to download the sources of any code, compile them and generate a fully working bootable class='acmetable' microSD.

The version used are:

  • At91Boostrap version 4.0.4
  • Linux Kernel 5.15.86
  • Buildroot 2022.02.9

The article steps has been tested using a Linux PC with Linux Debian 10.

It is advisable to have a Debug Port Interface or an USB to 3V TTL serial cable.

Building procedure

Install on your Linux PC the requested packages listed here:

Open a command line terminal and download Buildroot from the official web site:

tar -xvf buildroot-2022.02.9.tar.gz
cd buildroot-2022.02.9

Download and apply the Acme Systems patch:

patch -p1 < acme.patch

select the Roadrunner configuration for Buildroot by typing:

make acmesystems_roadrunner_defconfig

Launch the compilation:


This operation will take about 1 hour to download and compile any sources.

If all went well you will obtain this file in output/images directory:


Download and install the free tool Balena Etcher available for any platform to write the microSD using the sdcard.img generated:

Insert the microSD generated in your Berta D2 board and use the debug port to check the boot messages and get the access to the Linux prompt.

How to install new packages

To install new packages from the menuconfig menu type:

make menuconfig

Then repeat the procedure to generate the new microSD image from Make command.

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