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What do you need to buy to getting started with RoadRunner

The RoadRunner is a component so its main application is to use it as core for customer designed application boards.

We are designing some RoadRunner carrier boards thought for specific applications like LCD terminals, M2M devices, wireless sensors, etc. but right now the fastest way to try this module is to buy the Berta D2 evaluation board available on this site:

You need also a bootable microSD. You can buy a ready-to-use one here:

or make it by yourself downloading the ready-to-use image from this site or reading the tutorials to make it from scratch. Other microSD sizes are available from this link.

A serial to USB interface is also recommended to check the MPU messages during the bootstrap phase or to have access to the Linux console directly. Two types of converters are available:

Four 20x2 pins male or female strip could be useful to wire external devices to your Berta D2 board:

Other things you need are a 5VDC power supply, a microUSB cable and an Ethernet cable.

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