PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

DAISY-20 - A/D @ 0-10 volt interface

The Daisy-20 is a front-end module for 4 channel built-in A/D converter available on the Terra and FOXG20 boards.

DAISY-20 integrates on each channel:

  • a potential divider to read a tension range of 0-10 volts
  • an over voltage and polarity inversion protection stage
  • a rail-to-rail linear amplifier to reduce the signal to noise ratio
  • an analog level status led
  • a placement for through-hole mounting resistor to change the potential divider ratio

There is also a high precision voltage reference chip TS4040


The A/D lines are available on a pluggable terminal block with a pitch of 3.8 mm.

Pin Signal
GND GND signal
AD0 Analog line 0 in range of 0 to 10 volt
AD1 Analog line 1 in range of 0 to 10 volt
AD2 Analog line 2 in range of 0 to 10 volt
AD3 Analog line 3 in range of 0 to 10 volt
3V3 3V3 volt output


The daisy connectors where to plug this board are:

Board Daisy Connector

On the FOX Board G20 is requested a Daisy-1 adapter.


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