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Power supply

Aria G25 needs a single line 3.3 volt DC power supply which can be provided in any combination on the following pins:

Power lines Aria pins
+3V3 DC power in N1, S1, E24, W24
GND signal ground N24, S24, E1, W1

A simple and cheap module called PS3V3 is available from Acme SYstems.
It has a miniUSB connector and can be integrate in your PCB as a SMD component.

Extended range power supply

If you need to get the power in an industrial or mobile environment here is illustrated a simple solution using this two modules:

In this way is is possible to provide to Aria from a 7 to 28 Volt DC source.

Power supervisor

In real life applications we suggest to add a reset supervisor circuit to assure correct startup sequences.

Here are two possibilities:

  • Using a TPS3808G33 IC more flexible since it lets you to program the reset assertion delay with C52.
  • Using a CAT811 IC that is cheaper but has a fixed 140ms delay.

RTC backup battery

Applying 3 Volt DC on E1 (GND) and E20 (VBAT +3VDC) it is possible to mantaint the RTC (Real Time Clock) active when the power supply if off. This will mantain the system clock up to 6 months with no power using a small CR1220 Lithium battery.

A bigger battery can be used to extend the time duration.

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