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H10 Control Unit (preview)

H10 Control Unit Low Power is a platform designed to manage a small network of Berta-H10 sensors.

This device offers :

  • Ready made example applications
  • Basic, free, open source software to develop tailored applications that suit specific project need

H10 Controller comes equipped with :

  • 1 FOX Board D27 low power single board Linux computer
  • 1 H10 Board LoRa module
  • 1 H10-A1, 868 MHz antenna
  • 2 Digital Outputs, for each output : one SPDT Relay and one 3 poles 3.81mm connector
  • 2 Digital Inputs, for each input : one 2 poles 3.81mm connector
  • 1 RS485 Port, one 3 poles 3.81mm connector
  • 1 Prototiping area
  • 1 Auxiliary connector with 5 TTL I/O.
  • 1 microSD with Buildroot Linux distribution and some utilities preinstalled
  • 1 Teko enclosure
  • SIMCOM 7070G modem


  • Fully open source working examples
  • Just 15 seconds to raise up after a power on
  • Preinstalled Mosquitto MQTT broker that expose all the incoming data from the sensor network
  • Preinstalled MQTT publisher, written in Python, that get messages from H10 module via internal serial line and publish them on the MQTT tree
  • Preinstalled web front end http://h10_controlunit.local

Getting started with H10 Control Unit Low Power

Connect the H10 Control Unit Low Power to your network with an ethernet cable, Linux is configured to get the IP address from your DCHP server


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