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Arietta pinout

This is the default pinout of Arietta G25 when you use the latest default image available in the image repository.

It is possible to change it by using the Device tree compiler and dynamic Arietta G25 pinout page

Debug port

This port is designed to be used with the

to have access to the debug messages sent by the Atmel MPU at startup (RomBOOT), during AT91Bootstrap second level boot loader and the Linux Kernel bootstrap.

From this port is is possible to Login directly to the Linux console using a simple serial terminal emulator on your PC.

Pin # Signal Dir Description
DP.1 3V3 power out OUT Output from the internal regulator from 5 to 3.3 volt
DP.2 EN5V input INP If low turn off internal regulator from 5 to 3.3 volt
DP.3 DTXD OUT Debug port serial output at 115200,N,8,1 3V3 level
DP.4 DRXD INP Debug port serial input
DP.5 WKUP INP Atmel MPU wakeup signal
DP.6 GND Signal ground

WiFi module placement

This port is designed to place this WiFi module.
To know hot to configure it: Using the WIFI module on Arietta G25

Pin # Signal Dir Description
7 WPS OUT WSP function. Low level activated. Wired to PC16
6 LED N.C. WiFi module activity led. Not used
5 GND Signal ground GND
4 USB B D+ USB Host B D+
3 USB B D- USB Host B D-
2 VCC 3.3V DC OUT Output from the internal regulator from 5 to 3.3 volt
1 WiFi TXEN OUT RF on/off control. Low level activated to off. Wired to PC30


To know more about how are routed each signal inside the Arietta board please take a look to the Arietta schematic.

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