Acme Sensor collection

A collection of high-accuracy, small footprint, high reliability, low-power and cost effective sensors ready to be connected to the FOX Board D27 and Berta-H10 fast prototiping board.

AS-TEMP-RH - Temperature and Humidity sensor

Texas HDC3020 Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor With Ultra-Low Drift

AS-PTH-BME-DOUBLE - Gas, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature sensor

Double Bosch BME688 gas sensor with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors.
Available also with a single BME688.

AS-NDIR-CO2 - NDIR CO2 sensor

Senseair Sunlight CO2 sensor with NDIR technology

AS-ACCEL-2 - 3-axis MEMS accelerometer

Texas LIS2DW12 3-axis MEMS accelerometer

AS-FPC-TO-254 - 6 wires FPC to 6 pins picth 2.54mm adapter

This adapter allows you to connect a breadboard to make your own Acme Sensor board

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A collection of sensors ready to be connected to the FOX Board D27 and Berta-H10 fast prototiping board.

  • High-accuracy
  • Small footprint
  • High reliability
  • Low-power
  • Cost effective
  • Pluggable by FPC cable

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Create your own battery free energy harvesting solar powered LoRa sensors in minutes

  • Very low power circuitry: 4.29 µW in stand-by, 66 mW in transmit mode
  • Energy harvesting from in-door ambient light (Just 50 lux)
  • Battery free energy storage based on hybrid supercap
  • Custom designed ISM antenna for top level perfomance
  • Fully open source real time operating system with ready to use example of applications
  • Ready for LoRa and LoRaWan applications
  • Modular design
  • Credit card footprint
  • Cortex-M0 class of CPU
  • Based on H10 LoRa module
  • 3 Acme Sensor ports

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Single Board Computer based on RoadRunner Linux SOM (Included)

  • Classic "Credit Card" form factor
  • Two USB Host 2.0 ports (one configurable as USB client on the USB-C connector)
  • One 10/100 Mbit/s Lan port
  • 2 Acme Sensor ports
  • Double placements for 2.54mm pitch 20x2 pinstrips (not soldered) for GPIOS, SPI, I2C, Serial etc ports
  • Credit Card footprint