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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

Terra technical documentation

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The Terra-M board is available inside a complete kit with all the accessories requested to work on it. The single parts like the main board or the Daisy-24 front panel are available just in stock of 100 pcs. Please contact us for a quote

EUR 369.00


Legacy Terra-M board + accessories

Parts included:

  • One TERRA-M Board (Code TERRA)
  • A bootable microSD with Debian Linux preinstalled
  • One Debug port interface (Code DPI)
  • One USB data cable for DPI
  • One wall adapter 12 volt @ 2A switching power supply (Code PS12V2A-EU)
  • One Teko Tekal enclosure
  • One Daisy-24 lcd module
  • One Lithium battery model CR1220 at 3 volt for RTC circuitry (Code CH23-1220)
  • GSM antenna with 2 mt cable

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