Roadrunner technical documentation

Use Raspbian Linux with RoadRunner

Roadrunner uses the same CPU architecture of Raspberry Pi SBC (armhf) so it is possible potentially to use the same software. This article explains how to use the standard Raspbian Buster Lite to make a microSD that can run both on Raspberry Py and a RoadRunner

Tested with

  • Raspbian Buster Lite February 2020
  • Linux Kernel 4.19.78 LTS (the latest maintained by Microchip)

Download and generate a MicroSD with the Raspbian for RoadRunner and Raspberry following this article:

After the first boot resize the MicroSD partition by using:

sudo raspi-config

Menu Advanced Options Item A1 Expand Filesystem...

And fix the Mac address following this article:

Other operation to do not yet included in this image

Disable the EEPROM update

sudo systemctl disable rpi-eprom-update

Roadrunner technical documentation