Serial ports over TCP/IP with socat

This article illustrates how to realize a lan to serial gateway

Remote unit

On the remote unit install ser2net then add this line in /etc/ser2net.conf configuration file

2000:raw:600:/dev/ttyS1:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT

Launch ser2net:

# ser2net

Local unit

Install the socat utility.

Create a directory called $HOME/dev

Launch socat:

$ socat pty,link=$HOME/dev/ttyV0,waitslave tcp:remoteip:remoteport

Open minicom on /dev/ttyV0 and send chars to your remote port.


Serial port on stdin

socat /dev/ttyUSB0,b115200,raw,echo=0,crnl -

Remote console


socat /dev/ttyS2,b115200,raw,echo=0
socat /dev/ttyS4,b115200,raw,echo=0

Server web

socat TCP-LISTEN:2002 PTY,link=ttyV2,raw,crnl
socat TCP-LISTEN:2004 PTY,link=ttyV2,raw,crnl

Design tips

Using the RoadRunner SOM it is possible to manage up to 10 serial ports over a network link.

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