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Berta H10 - In-circuit programming port

The Microchip Sam R34/35 chip mounted on H10 board use the ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) standard for programming, test and debugging.

This standard is based on two wires called SWCLK and SWDIO. These signals are available on Berta-H10 J12 PROG connector as shown below:

Due to the large diffusion of the SWD stardard a lot of hardware solutions are available. Here is a list of ones we tried:

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Energy harvesting LoRa module for battery-free custom applications.
  • CPU Microchip SAM R3x ultra-low power LoRa® Sub-GHz SiP
  • ARM Cortex-M0
  • Battery-free design
  • Solar energy harvesting circuitry for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Open source firmware based on RIOT the Real Time Operating System for IoT

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Battery-free energy harvesting solar powered LoRa sensor
  • Low power consumption:
    Stand-by mode 4.29 µW
    Transmit mode 66 mW
  • Energy harvesting from in-door ambient light (Just 50 lux)
  • Energy storage based on hybrid supercap
  • Open source RIOT OS
  • Ready for LoRa and LoRaWan

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