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BRIZIO-SWD - In-circuit programmer and serial adapter

Brizio SWD is a small USB SWD in-circuit programmer and serial adapter for Berta H10 board based on the popular Waveshare RP2040-Zero board and Free-dap firmware

We made a small dual-face printed circuit bord to use the Waveshare RP2040-Zero hardware and Free-DAP software as an in-circuit programmer and debug port interface for the Berta H10 SDK.

Use this link Buy to buy to buy the ready-to-use Brizio SWD programmer or just the PCB to made it by yourself.

This photo illustrates how to plug the Brizio SWD programmer to the Berta H10 board.

Programming a blank RP2040-Zero board

This section is for those who are using a blank version of the RP2040-Zero board. If you have purchased the programmer already assembled by Acme Systems, there is no need to read this paragraph.

A very easy way to save the firmware on the RP2040 board is using the ready-to-use binary file available on the Free-dap Git repository:

Download this file and save it on your local disk. Plug the microUSB port of the RP2040 to your PC while holding down the button BOOT on RP2040-Zero board. A disk called RPI-RP2 will appear on your desktop.

Drag and drop the free_dap_rp2040.uf2 file on this new drive. After a while the RPI-RP2 will disappear from your desktop and the green led on RP2040 turn-on. Your SWD programmer is now ready-to-use.

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