Mastering EQ LA-117 Studio DMI limited edition

Advanced Modular Stereo Multiband Equalizer and Mid/Side Processor especially designed for mastering and mixing use.

The Mastering EQ LA-117 Studio DMI limited edition is the result of collaboration between Livio Argentini and Luca Pretolesi.

Special analog design techniques have been used to obtain a precise control of the sound structure down to the minimum details.

  • The LA-117 “Studio DMI edition” is a multirange analog equalizer especially designed for mastering and mixing use where very precise settings are required.
  • For this purpose, the LA-117 is equipped with super fine tuning controls enabling an easy manual recall without the use of step controls.
  • Inside the LA-117 there are two separate EQs, the first is a Baxandall type and the second is a special 5 band Parametric unit.
  • The order of the LA-117 Parametric and Baxandall EQs within the signal flow is interchangeable. The interactions between the two equalizers enable the LA-117 to execute any kind of acoustic correction.
  • Each parametric band splits the frequency control in two different ranges so that 10 bands can be used. Moreover, the LA-117 features a “solo” control for parametric eq sections that improves the filter usability. This feature is not found in any other analog parametric EQ on the market.
  • The parametric unit is based on a special innovative technology designed by Livio Argentini, different from other parametric equalizers on the market. The LA-117 uses a parallel configuration that produces very low distortion, low noise end extremely low phase rotation.
  • The extremely large bandwidth ( more than 300 KHz ) provides a very fast transient response and an extraordinarily natural sound unrivalled in the market.
  • The very linear ( instrumental type ) electronic balanced amplifier, without transformers or servo-amplifiers, allows for a perfect square wave response and absolutely no timbric alteration in the sound.
  • Double gold plated contact connectors.
  • Many critical components, like potentiometers, are duplicated and connected in parallel to assure long life, maximum reliability and precision.
  • Switching is made by gold contacts and sealed relays.
  • The LA-117 use short actuator toggle switches to avoid accidental operation when adiacent knobs are operated.
  • The special modular construction allows for a quick servicing and an easy customisation.
  • The insertion of a MID-SIDE matrix, suggested by Luca Pretolesi, and the external insert capability, transform the LA-117 in a complete audio Hub.


  • Input (EQ / Insert Return):
    • Electronically balanced
    • Impedance 10 kOhm
    • Normal Level +4 dBu
    • Max level +28 dBu
  • Output (EQ / Insert Send):
    • Electronically balanced
    • Impedance 100 Ohm (minimum external load 600 Ohm)
    • Normal Level +4 dBu
    • Max level +28 dBu
  • Bandwidth:
    • 4Hz to 350kHz 0/-1dB,
    • Perfect square wave up to 50 kHz
  • Distortion + Noise:
    • < 0.005 % (typical 0.001 %)


  • Construction : 19" 4 units rack mount metal case
  • Number of modules : 14+4
  • Dimensions:
    • 483 mm / 19" (W)
    • 177 mm / 7" (H)
    • 317 mm / 12.5" (D)
  • Weight: 10 kg / 22 lb
  • Doubled gold plated contacts


  • Linear regulator with balanced toroidal transformer
  • Operating voltage: 220 V 50 Hz / 110 V 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 60 Watt

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LA-117 Standard Edition


Download the PDF files of LA-117 documentation