LA-120 Monster Side


  • The LA-120 Monster-Side is a stand alone unit, self powered and built in a 1 unit 19" rack cabinet, it is especially designed to be connected to LA-119 Monster Swap or any other mastering or mixing unit.

  • One large illuminated push button activates the mid-side mode. In OFF position a hard by-pass is performed.

  • After the encode function, the MID and the SIDE channels are separately handled in different ways.

  • After the decode function, the stereo image is rebuilt.

  • MID

    • 3 positions LOW CUT SHELVIN FILTER ( 50 Hz / off / 200 Hz ); Slope: 6 dB / octave.
    • 3 positions HI CUT SHELVIN FILTER ( 4 kHz / off / 8 kHz ); Slope: 6 dB / octave.
    • Insert for external unit with Dry/Wet control.

  • SIDE
    • LO CUT filter activated by a push button with green LED. The cutoff frequency can be controlled continuously by a rotary knob; Frequency range: 25/250 Hz; Slope: 12 dB / octave.
    • HI CUT filter with Fixed frequency at 20 kHz activated by a toggle switch; Slope: 12 dB / octave.
      This control is very important to cancel any ultrasonic harmonic frequencies generated when the LEFT minus RIGHT encode is performed.
    • PARAMETRIC filter with continuous 12 dB range control; 3 positions illuminated toggle switch ( cut / off / boost ) with continuous frequency control; 350 Hz / 1750 Hz or 1400 Hz / 7000 Hz range selectable class='acmetable'.
    • The SIDE function has a unique control which can increase the insert level with a range of 15 dB. This level, after regulation, can be read on the VU meter and monitored in SOLO. This function is very interesting because allows the use of the external insert at the exact standard level ( +4 dBu ), important when a limiter/compressor is connected. This control increases the insert send level and in the meantime decreases the insert return level so to not perform changes in the stereo width control.
    • Insert for external unit with Dry/Wet control.

    • A 100 mm slider controls the SIDE level to increase/decrease the stereo image.
    • In the fully left position stereo image collapses into mono.
    • In mid position the stereo image is like the original.
    • In the right positions the stereo image is enhanced.
    • In fully right position the SIDE level is increased by 8 dB, more of the standard ( 6 db ), to allow for a bigger widening if needed.

  • FINE
    • Push button with LED reduces the range of the stereo width control in order to do a very precise adjustment. The SIDE level range in this condition is reduced to only +/- 3 dB on the entire slider range.

  • SOLO
    • 2 buttons with blinking LED allow to monitor the MID only or the SIDE only. This function is very important especially when external gear is connected in insert.
    • When SOLO is active, the MID or the SIDE channels are monitored in mono on both speakers.
    • The SIDE button deactives the MID button.
    • The SOLO function allows to monitor the audio signal after the inside filters and the external insert.
    • Pay attention!! In SOLO mode, the SIDE is monitored at the normal insert level ( +4 dBu ) and not at real level, normally 15/20 dB lower, since the human hearing sensitivity changes at different sound levels ( see Fletcher and Munson research ) it appears very important to monitor the MID and the SIDE channels at the same level.

Technical specification

Channels 2
Input level
Input impedance
Electronically balanced
+4dBu, Max +28dBu
> 10 kΩ
Output Level
Output impedance
Electronically balanced
+4dBu, Max +28dBu
100Ω ( minimum external load 600Ω ).
Insert Send
Send Level
Send Impedance
Electronically balanced
+4dBu, Max +28dBu
100Ω ( minimum external load 600Ω ).
Insert Return
Return Level
Return Impedance
Electronically balanced
+4dBu, Max +28dBu
>10 kΩ
Bandwidth 10 - 250.000 Hz +0,-1dB, perfect square wave up to 50 kHz
Distortion + Noise <0.005% ( typical 0.001 %)
Connectors Rear Panel - 3 poles XLR
Power Supply
Operating Voltage
Power Consumption
Rear Panel AC mains
Linear Regulator (Balanced Toroidal Transformer )
220V 50 Hz, ( 110V 60 Hz version switchable )
60 W
IEC C13 16 A connector, AC mains cord with IEC Schuko
1Unit, 19" rack mount metal box
W 483 mm / 19”, H 44 mm / 1.8” (2unit), D 225 mm / 8.8”
4 kg / 11 lb