LA-122 Monitor Controller


The LA-122 unit is a fully analog monitor controller, featuring a very high level of audio fidelity suitable class='acmetable' for recording studios that require maximum audio performance. The analog circuitry is based on passive and active electronic components of very high performance in order to guarantee the highest audio quality. All the commutations are carried out on balanced lines and are enslaved to hight quality relays that guarantee commutations free from any imperfection.
All commutations are controlled by logic circuits. The LA-122 Monitor Controller can select 4 inputs (INPUT, AUX, DAC and MIX) and switch them to 4 different speaker systems (OUTPUT: 1, 2, 3, 4).
The selection of the source and of the monitoring system is done by some illuminated rocker buttons. All commutations are microprocessor controlled.


The inputs connections to the monitor controller are:

  • AUX, balanced with connector
  • XLR, switching for unbalanced input with level control and RCA socket on the rear panel plus JACK TRS on the front panel. The AUX input also provides a balanced output on the rear panel. This function (independent of the monitoring function) allows you to connect an unbalanced analog source (CD etc) to a balanced input.
  • MIX, Balanced, rear DB 25 connector, to connect analog output (mixer) with standard level +4 dBu.
  • ADC, Balanced, rear DB 25 connector, to connect high level analog output (mixer), normally used for digital converter.
  • Trimmer for standard level control +4 dBu.
  • DAC, Balanced, rear DB 25 connector, to connect the converter output normally at high level. Trimmer for level control. standard +4 dBu.


The control section processes the selected input source using the following controls:
  • Volume: Large knob (Level) which can control a high precision potentiometer, or can control a motorized potentiometer. In this last case the potentiometer can also be rotated remotely using the remote control that we can connect to the monitor controller In the control section there are also the MONO button and two MUTE buttons for muting the LEFT or RIGHT channels. These switches, MONO, MUTE LEFT AND MUTE RIGHT are essential in order to be able to pay maximum attention to the sonic details of our stereo tracks.
  • The DIM button lowers the volume on the outputs to the level set by the DIM PAD potentiometer. Control range from -12 dB to infinity. The whole internal audio chain works on a balanced line.


The LA-122 monitor controller is equipped with a talkback system. The Talk uses an electret-type condenser microphone. There are two XLR inputs. The first seat on the front panel is used with a gooseneck-mounted microphone when the talk system is installed at the workplace.
The second, located on the rear panel, is used, via a standard XLR / XLR cable, to connect a remote microphone.
This solution is used when the LA-502 unit is positioned in an inaccessible way (eg a Rack cabinet).
The talkback button activates the microphone amplifier and DIM control.
The talkback signal is sent to a balanced output located on the rear panel (XLR connector - level + 4 dBu).
An additional jack on the rear panel provides relay switching controlled by the talk button. This switch can be used both to control audio signals and to control lights, relays etc.
The level of the signal coming from the talk microphone can be controlled using the Talk Level knob on the front panel.

The switching of 4 loudspeaker systems is foreseen. All outputs are balanced and use a DB-25 connector on the rear panel. Switching is carried out with 4 pushbuttons with indicator light.
It is guaranteed that the inputs of the 3 unused loudspeaker systems are always connected to ground in order to avoid any disturbance or crosstalk.

The remote control to be used when the LA-122 is installed in an inaccessible position duplicates all controls on the front panel. All the switches, controlled by a microprocessor, are accessible either on the front panel or on the remote control.
The remote control connection cable (RJ 45) does not carry audio signals, but only switching signals and therefore without the possibility of disturbances and has a length limit of over 20m.

The system is equipped with a high quality headphone amplifier capable of driving high power headphones with impedance> 30 ohms. Inserting the headphone jack mutes the speaker output but leaves the selection active. An indicator light placed under the three buttons that select the outputs warns that the outputs are disabled

It is possible to connect an external metering unit using an accessory (cable), supplied on request.

Compared to its market competitors, the LA-122 monitor controller is a unit of very high sound performance and very high quality switching systems.
The choice was to design a completely analog unit in order to obtain the maximum audio performance.
At the same time, this monitor controller is characterized by a series of solutions that make it extremely convenient:
  • front analog AUX IN input on the front panel with automatic deselection of the AUX IN input on the rear panel for "on the fly" connection of portable class='acmetable' audio sources.
  • Talkback system with automatic DIM and with relay for switching an external signal enslaved by the talkback command.
The LA-122 monitor controller is available in a manual volume control version and a remote volume control version by using a motorized potentiometer without using VCA which would inevitably lead to a deterioration in the quality of the output signal.
It is possible to transform the non-motorized version into the motorized version by means of a low-cost “factory” intervention.

The unit is currently in production